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Polly Burns – arts based therapies

Polly is also trained in expressive and environmental arts. She completed her training as a Creative Awakenings facilitator in the United States in 2012 and went on to train at the London Art Therapy Centre in Environmental Arts in 2014.

We use the arts to let go, to express and to release. Also we can gain insight by studying the symbolic and metaphoric messages. Our art speaks back to us if we take the time to listen to those messages. Verbalizing or sharing these feelings furthers the process of self-insight and self analysis…one art form stimulates and fosters creativity in another art form and links all of the arts to our essential nature.” (Natalie Rogers from Foundations of Expressive Arts Therapy).

The training in Environmental Arts leads naturally into eco-therapy where people are helped to connect to themselves and others through immersion in the natural world.

Please contact Polly for further details. For details of personal growth and adult therapy, please see Polly’s website.

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